J. E. Hunt has a degree in English from The University of Georgia, where he concentrated on Arthurian legend and Medieval literature.

Naturally, after graduation he moved to Minnesota and took up a career in banking, plotting novels on blank teller receipts between loan applications, and reading Les Misérables ravenously over lunches.

This somehow lead to a stock broker’s license and a career managing projects for an online brokerage-a move that meant endless paperwork, all with white space perfect for scribbling character sketches and story notes.

However, these narrow margins eventually proved too small, and he left the corporate world to spend two years unemployed, writing his first two novels: The Whispering Walls, and its sequel, The Sea of the Missing.

These days, he lives in northern Virginia with his wife and two young children, and most weekdays he can be found working on his next book on the commuter train into DC.

BLOG: www.jehunt.us
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